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In order to protect one’s feet in tennis, a good and stable pair of tennis shoes is of utmost importance in achieving that. The shoes must have cushioned soles that can not only absorb the impact of running around the court on different types of surfaces, but they must be able to shield the player’s feet from the stress that is placed on them when carrying out serves or returning shots from opposing players. A good pair of tennis shoes will also provide advanced sole technology that can give a player an advantage when exchanging forehands and backhands through the course of a game. While providing a player’s feet with comfort is critical, one should also ensure that the tennis shoes are durable. If they can be used for a prolonged period of time and yet have an optimum level of performance throughout, the tennis player would have chosen well. With the sometimes smooth surfaces that a tennis grass court might have, tennis shoes for such a playing surface should also provide sufficient grip to prevent unwanted slips during a game. No one would want to experience a fall which can lead to unnecessary injuries that might even be career threatening. Good tennis shoes should provide these qualities that not only enhance a player’s experience but also indirectly contributes to the health and longevity of his career. Total Tennis has a great selection of comfortable and stylish tennis shoes in our inventory from the top brands like Asics and Babolat.